Tip The Tagadelic module httpdrupalorgprojecttagadelic shows free tagging tags in the style made famous by Flickr httpwwwflickrcomphotostags with each tags size adjusted to the number of posts associated with it

Hierarchy: If your terms are to appear in a flat list, then the Hierarchy field should be Disabled. If child terms should have only one parent, choose Single. Single represents a one-to-many relationship between a parent and its children. If terms should be able to have multiple parents, choose Multiple. This represents a many-to-many relationship between parents and children (child terms can have many parents).

Multiple select: This allows you to assign more than one term to content. This is useful if you want the content to appear in more than one category list. Free tagging categories are always multiple select and will take care of this detail for you.

Required: If the vocabulary is set as Required, users will be forced to select at least one term from it when they create content. The <none> option will disappear from vocabulary selection boxes on the content creation forms.

Weight: This determines the order in which vocabularies are listed on the admin/taxonomy page, as well as the order in which they are presented in the content creation forms. As is customary, larger numbers move toward the bottom and smaller numbers go toward the top.

Now your vocabulary has been created and configured. If it is a free tagging vocabulary, your work is finished, as users and content creators will provide the actual terms, or tags. For other vocabularies, the next step is to make the list of terms and, if appropriate, determine the hierarchy.

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