Type Specific Configuration

You can configure individual content types separately, so that not every post made to your site behaves the same way. For example, it is unlikely that you will want everything to be automatically promoted to the front page of your site. Perhaps only really interesting content should make it to the front page, and all the rest should be visible only in the other sections, such as the forums or in individuals' blogs. These are the types of decisions you can make from the content types page, accessed by selecting administer> settings > content types (admin/settings/ content-types).

All of the active content types, such as stories or pages, will be listed. Clicking the configure link for one of the content types listed will show you a page with at least two sections: Submission Form and Workflow. The Explanation or Submission Guidelines field is your chance to instruct users on how this particular content type is to be used on your site and provide any other guidelines or tips you may want to convey to them. The instructions appear above the form for this content type when it is being created.

If you want to enforce a minimum length policy for a content type, the Minimum Number ofWords setting is the right tool. If you specify a minimum number of words, a validation error will occur if the post is shorter.

With the Workflow and Revisions of the Workflow Group settings, you can decide for every node type what the initial publishing state should be when the node is created. Individual modules can also inject their own workflow settings forms into the workflow group. If the Comment module is enabled, for each node type, you can decide whether comments should be read/write, read only, or disabled. If the Upload module is enabled, you can decide whether a node type should support file attachments. If so, users will be shown a file upload form on that node's create/edit page.

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