Update Options

As explained earlier in this chapter, Drupal defines four different attributes that content can have to determine its publishing status. Now let's look at the different transitions between these states that a node can take. These are represented on the content administration page (admin/ node) as Update Options. The administrator can select nodes from the list on this page by clicking the check box, and whatever update option is executed will be applied to all of the selected nodes.

Approve the selected posts: Executing this action on a node will take the node out of the moderation queue and publish it.

Promote the selected posts: This guarantees that a node is published and promoted. It does not influence whether the node remains in the moderation queue.

Make the selected posts sticky: Sets sticky to true and published to true, so executing this action on unpublished nodes will have the undocumented side effect of publishing them.

Demote the selected posts: Sets promoted to false, but leaves status unchanged.

Unpublish the selected posts: Sets published to false.

Delete the selected posts: Deletes all selected nodes.

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