Using Blocks

Blocks are pieces or units of content that are positioned in any of the defined regions of your Drupal site. They contain content ranging from core functions, such as the user login box and the navigation menu, to extras, such as Who's New and Who's Online boxes. Modules are responsible for generating most blocks, so enabling more modules generally leads to more blocks being available for display.

A new feature in Drupal 4.7 is the ability to place blocks in regions other than the left or right sidebars. The predefined regions include the sidebars, the header, the footer, and the main content area. Site administrators can also create their own blocks, which can contain normal HTML as well as PHP code. As the administrator, you have complete control over where and when a block is shown. This makes blocks a serious option for enhancing your Drupal site. In Chapter 5, I will show you how to define your own regions.

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