Using the Drupa Core Modules

Drupal comes with 31 core modules, which address everything from basic functions such as user management (the User module), logging (the Watchdog module), and analysis of access to the site (the Statistics module) to advanced features such as managing a hierarchical series of collaborative pages that can be versioned and moderated (the Book module). Becoming familiar with these modules and mastering their usage will help you get the most out of Drupal and create powerful web sites. This chapter explores each of the core modules, which are presented in alphabetical order for easy reference.

The modules covered in this chapter are included when you download Drupal. The core modules have been well tested, adhere to strict standards of coding, and provide basic functionality and services that are useful to a wide spectrum of types of sites. To use them, you simply need to make sure that they are enabled. As explained in Chapter 2, to see the available modules, select administer> modules (admin/modules). On this page, the modules are listed with check boxes to set their status. Any additional configuration tasks for a specific module are described in the section about that module in this chapter.

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