Using the Sitewide Contact Form

The sitewide contact form (Drupal path contact) is quite useful because you can set up a number of categories that users can choose from before they submit the form. Depending on which category they choose, the contact e-mail can be sent to different addresses, allowing support questions to go to [email protected], suggestions to [email protected], and so forth. You can also configure the sitewide contact form to send these e-mail messages to multiple recipients.

To set up categories that people can choose from, choose administer> contact (admin/contact). The Add Category tab on this page takes you to a form with three fields:

• The Category field identifies the purpose of the mail that the user is sending, as well as determines who will receive it.

• The Recipients field is for the contact e-mail address. If more than one e-mail address is to receive the mail, enter them here separated by commas. Every time a user submits the sitewide contact form for this category, all of these e-mail addresses will receive the message.

• The Auto-reply field is for an optional message that will be mailed to the user's e-mail address, possibly thanking him for his submission or relaying other information. If you leave this field empty, no auto-reply e-mail will be sent.

If you would like to have a contact us link in your navigation menu, and you have the Menu module enabled, select administer> menus (admin/menu) to access the list of enabled and disabled menu items. One of the disabled items is contact us. Enable this menu item, and the link will appear in your navigation menu.

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