Viewing Editing and Deleting Comments

If you click the Manage and then Comments, you will get to the Manage Comments page. In the example shown in Figure 15-15, you can see three comments. The middle one (from Fred Flintstone) is a lighter gray than the others. This is because that comment hasn't been approved yet.

Figure 15-15. Managing comments

From the Manage Comments page, you can click the links associated with each comment to do the following:

• Edit a comment. Perhaps someone has used inappropriate language, or they have mistyped a URI.

• Delete a comment. When you select to delete a comment, a message pops up to give you the chance to confirm or cancel the deletion.

• Edit the post to which this is a comment. This is handy if someone points out a mistake of yours or gives some additional information worth adding to your post.

• View the post in its entirety.

The Manage Comments page also has a Mass Edit Mode link, which you can click to switch

, as shown in Figure 15-16. In this mode, you can select comments en masse and delete them all in one go. This is less useful than it used to be now that comment spam detection is much improved. To exit from this mode, click the View Mode link.

Figure 15-16. Mass Edit mode

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