Viewing Feeds

The Aggregator module provides many different options for viewing the feeds. If you navigate to the block administration page (admin/block), you'll see that every feed and feed category can be shown in a block. Blocks showing feeds offer an additional convenience feature in conjunction with the Blog module. When the Blog module is enabled, feed items in blocks appear with a b: icon next to them. Clicking this icon is a convenient way to create a new blog entry that cites the feed item and provides a link to the original source. This is a very user-friendly feature that encourages your site's bloggers to write about the things they read in the feed items.

Once you have configured news sources (feeds), the news aggregator link in the main menu will show a submenu labeled sources (aggregator/sources), which leads to a page where the feed items are grouped by source. If you have categorized your feeds, you'll also see the submenu item categories (aggregator/categories), with the feed items grouped by category.

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