Visibility of Posts

Someone must decide whether a given node should be visible only within a group or whether it also should be visible to others not in the group. There are cases for both usages. If groups are being used on your site to do private secretive work and the Organic Groups module is being used to provide this privacy, then the nodes that are created for that group should be visible only to the members of that group and no one else. On the other hand, if groups are being used to organize content that should otherwise be visible to nongroup members, nodes created for that group should remain accessible to the wider public. The Visibility of Posts field lets you decide who gets to make these decisions. It offers three choices:

• Visible only within the targeted groups

• Visible within the targeted groups and on other pages

• Visibility to be determined by the author/editor using a check box on the posting form

The first two options let you, the site administrator, make the visibility decision. The third option defers the decision to the user who creates content. The content-creation form will include a check box titled Public, and the node creator is left to make the choice.

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