What Is Drupal

Drupal is a set of scripts written in PHP that provide the framework and basic functionality for building feature-rich and dynamic web sites. It is a content management system (CMS), because it greatly simplifies the process of authoring, managing, and publishing content— such as text, images, files, and audio—to the Web. It is a forum, a blogging tool, and an organizer of information. It is an extensible platform on which you can build custom modules, and it is a set of programming APIs that allows web developers to create custom web applications very rapidly and efficiently.

Drupal is also a vibrant online community with thousands of enthusiastic people from around the world. This community spans the Drupal.org site, several mailing lists, user groups in various countries, a number of nonprofit organizations, some small companies, and a growing army of freelancers who earn their living partially or completely from using or developing Drupal. The community has events, often coinciding with major conferences, and is an excellent example of massively distributed cooperation.

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