Who Should Use Drupal

Drupal is for anyone who wants to have a web site that is well suited for (but not limited to) multiuser communities. Drupal is for bloggers who want more than just a blog, groups who need to cooperate online, activists who want to spread a message, educators who want to provide online learning tools, artists who want to share media online, businesses or individuals who want to sell goods online, and programmers who want to work with a platform that is extensible, clean, efficient, and well architected.

Developers find Drupal very easy to customize and extend. Drupal departs from some of the conventions and techniques of the past, and is therefore for anyone who is eager to learn or who is investigating modern best practices for web application building. Drupal is for anyone who is investing their efforts for the long-term payoff and has the patience to cope with a system that is sometimes admittedly complex.

Drupal is not for those who want a blog, want it now, and don't need any other features. Those people should choose a free online service like Blogger. 3

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