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Getting the Most Out of This Book

Part IV, Creating Content, is going to be the go-to series of chapters for the newbie who just wants to use WordPress to write or create content. This is not a super-technical part, and it doesn't assume that the reader is changing his theme. It does, however, describe the concepts and principles behind using the WordPress Admin and creating content.

Learning About Word Press

Long before Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press and the first printed Holy Bible was mass-produced, humans were instinctually creating content. Civilizations scribed their experiences and histories on scrolls and in massive tomes by hand. In some cases, it was little more than pictures on the walls of caves.

Creating Drupal Content

To add a news story to your new site, click the create content link in the main navigation menu. This will bring you to a page that lists all of the various content types that can be created. By default, the choices are page and story types. With Drupal, you can control what content should be used as the front page. While the default system of showing a list of recent content will work for some sites, others will want to have a Welcome type front page. You can make a page like this by clicking create content and creating a page that you intend to be used as the front page. Alternatively, click the link to one of the stories that you've already created if you would like it to be the front page. Once you have completed the page and are looking at the final product, note the URL for the page. It will look something like this

Thinking Like Word Press

WordPress provides you with the tools to organize your website content, but those tools function in specific ways, just as one type of word processing software has its specific buttons for creating, say, lists. But there's a difference between knowing which button to press to create a list and thinking about ways you can use lists in your documents. That's what this chapter is about learning to think like WordPress so that you can organize your content in an efficient and flexible manner right from the start, and be able to use it in new and useful ways later.

Tip The Glossary module httpdrupalorgprojectglossary builds a categorybased glossary on your web site to help visitors

Free tagging Sites like (http ) and Flickr (http ) have championed the use of free tagging for categorizing content. Instead of the site administrator creating a set of terms and expecting the users to choose one or more of them as they apply, the users themselves can create the terms as a list of words that apply, thus the name free tagging. Drupal offers free tagging as an option as well. By checking the Free Tagging check box on the edit vocabulary page, you give the users of the site control over the terms in the vocabulary they will create the terms every time they create content. Instead of being presented with a drop-down selection box for the categories, as is the case with normal vocabularies, the users will have a text field into which they can type a list of their tags, separated by commas.

Exercise 53 Identify Themable Functions

create content This is an excerpt of the HTML that renders the main navigation menu using the Bluemarine theme. Notice how easy it is to identify which themable function generates which HTML. You can see, for example, that the create content link was generated by a function named theme_menu_item_link. Searching the codebase for function theme_menu_item_link will guide you to the includes file, where you can view and dissect how the HTML was made.

User Roles and Delegation

We covered Kevin Behrens' Role Scoper plugin in Chapter 11 as part of our security and user management discussion. This plugin allows you to create new roles for your users and assign them very fine-grained permissions. In a CMS environment this would permit you to delegate content generation to different departments and authorize them to make changes only in their respective areas. Delegation of authority goes up the hierarchy of users, not down from an editor to an individual author. In a typical publishing environment, an editor will be able to dole work out to writers and composition experts, creating a workflow for the finished product that is organized in a tree structure similar to an organizational chart. WordPress mobilizes the leaves in that tree structure every user that has contributor or author privileges can create content (and upload files, in the case of authors), and manage publishing of their own posts. Deciding how and where to divide responsibilities is a key part...

Custom Content Types Taxonomies and Fields

If you want to get custom post types and or taxonomies up and running quickly on your site, try the Custom Post Types UI plugin. It provides a simple user interface for managing both content types and taxonomies. If, however, you're creating content types and taxonomies as part of a plugin for a more portable solution, read on

Creating Style Sheets

WordPress was designed to simplify the blogging process for people who want to focus on creating content without worrying about design or coding. Surprisingly for some, a lot of people choose to give back to the community by designing themes to enhance the looks of WordPress blogs and coding plug-ins to enhance the core functionality of WordPress, making it easier to use. If that sounds like something you'd like to do, this set of chapters is for you.

Content Type Creation

To create a flexinode type, choose administer content content types add content type (admin node types add_type). The content type name and description that you choose for your new type are analogous to the names and descriptions you can see for existing node types when you click create content (node add). The help text will appear at the top of the form when you or other web users create new instances of the custom node. Use this field to give any special instructions that might be helpful to your users when creating new nodes of this type. Figure 4-8 shows an example of defining a new flexinode type named Basketball Team. T create content create content

Spam Module Permissions

The Bypass Spam Filter permission can be granted to any user role who will never submit spam. This would certainly include user roles that receive the Access Spam Rating and Administer Spam Rating permissions. When users with the Bypass Spam Filter permission create content, it will not be passed through the Bayesian filter. The content can be marked as spam later, however. The only advantages to using this permission are a small performance gain, since less processing is done upon submitting content, and that no content will be falsely marked as spam for these users (a very small danger to begin with). It has the negative side effect that content from these users won't automatically train the filter. Thus, assigning this permission to too many users isn't a good idea.

Broken Link Checker wordpressorgextendpluginsbrokenlinkchecker

Pretty Link If you want to shorten your URLs for use on Twitter, or just hide your affiliate links (that's naughty ), then Pretty Link is something to look into. Especially if you intend to roll things on Twitter and have a short domain name, because it even has the option to attach a Pretty Bar , in a manner similar to what Digg and others are doing. Pretty Link is your own URL shortener with options, basically. Pods ( extend plugins pods ) Pods is a plugin aiming to make WordPress even more of a CMS. The developers call it a CMS framework, and that's not too far from the truth. You can create content types, data structures, set up relationships and so on. Building a site relying on Pods is sure to give you a lot of freedom. The only problem is it may be a bit daunting to get started with, especially if you're used to the straightforwardness of WordPress itself. Worth a look if you need WordPress to be more CMS-like, though.

Filtering Content

Tip Many contributed modules, such as the Glossary (http project glossary), Textile (http project textile), and Markdown with Smartypants (http node 9838) modules, leverage content filtering. They work to give the people creating content more flexibility or to enhance the quality of their input. For example, some filters simplify the process of generating HTML, and others scan what is written for important vocabulary words or technical terms that have been defined elsewhere.

Getting Started

WordPress requires a web server with PHP support, a URL rewriting facility, and an instance of MySQL. Apache is the most popular option for front-ending WordPress because it provides PHP interpretation through mod_php and URL rewriting in mod_rewrite. There is growing interest in lighttpd (Lighty) as a replacement for Apache, although the URL rewriting functionality needs a bit of handholding. Finally, you can use Microsoft's IIS 7.0 as a web server with its URL_rewrite module.The emphasis on URL rewriting stems from WordPress's support for pretty permalinks to blog entries, allowing you to create a URL tree organized by date, category, tag, or other metadata. Those mnemonic or readable URLs are mapped into MySQL database indices for the corresponding pages using the .htaccess file (in Apache parlance). It's a case of dynamic content generation, this time starting from the user path to the page in question, and relying heavily on your web server's muscle to map public neatness into...

Menu Module

Drupal comes with a default navigation menu that serves as the main control panel for your Drupal site. By now, you are probably very familiar with this menu and its create content, my account, and administer links. The Menu module allows you to modify this menu, as well as create your own custom menus. You can then place your custom menus in blocks and administer them with the tools for configuring and positioning of blocks (discussed in Chapter 2). The Menu module also adds an item to content-creation forms that allows you to place a link to the item being created directly into a menu. This allows for a very comfortable workflow of creating content and then linking to it within a menu hierarchy, all from the same form.

Creating Groups

Groups are another content type, just like blogs, pages, and stories. To create a group, you use the group link on the Create content page (node add). In this case, the group node that you create serves as a container for all of the other content and activities of your group. You have the same general services that Drupal provides for other types of nodes, such as the ability to be categorized with the taxonomy system. Note that you must have the Create Groups permission to create a group.

Modifying Menus

Create content my account administer log out create content If you disable the administer link, all of its children will move up one level in the hierarchy but will themselves stay activated. Note that this works differently for the create content link for internal reasons. In that case, the create content link stays visible as long as any of its children are enabled.

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