Managing Comments

You have multiple ways to manage comments in WordPress. The most commonly used method is the Comments SubPanel. Here you can view all comments across your entire WordPress web site. Comments are listed with specific information on the commenter including name, e-mail, IP address, and more. Hovering over any comment gives you moderation options. Click Reply to reply directly to a comment from your dashboard. The comment is displayed as a public comment once added. Comments can be filtered using the links across the top. Filter comments to only show pending, approved, spam, or all comments. You can also search comments for specific keywords using the search box located at the top right.

Comments can also be managed directly from your dashboard. The Recent Comments box allows you to quickly approve, reply, edit, and delete comments.

A quick shortcut to view all comments for a given post is to click the comments icon on your Posts SubPanel, shown in Figure 2-9.

FIGURE 2-9: The comment icon displays the total number of comments on a post

FIGURE 2-9: The comment icon displays the total number of comments on a post

Clicking the icon filters all comments and only displays comments for that particular post.

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