Managing Users

You can manage all users across your web site under the Users O Authors & Users SubPanel. Upon accessing this page you are presented with a list of all user accounts in WordPress. Multiple filter types across the top allow you to filter by user roles. You can also search for users using the keyword search box located at the top right. Hovering over any user displays the edit and delete links. You cannot delete the account you are logged in to WordPress with; to do that you would need to log out and then back in with a different account first.

To edit any user, click the Edit link that displays when hovering over the user. The Edit User page allows you to edit all aspects of a user account except for the username. To update a username you would need to use a WordPress plugin or update the username directly in your WordPress MySQL database.

You can update all user data here including First and Last name, nickname, and what name you would like to display publicly for this user. By default the public display name is the user's username. You can also change a user's Role on the Edit User page, and update user contact info including the user's e-mail address. This address is used for all web site communication with your users. You can also add a bio to a user account. This is perfect if you are creating an About section for your authors.

The user's data can be displayed anywhere on your web site. Typically the user information is displayed on the Author bio page located in the author.php template file of your theme. Many themes today do not come standard with the author template file, but we'll discuss that in more detail in Chapter 8, "Theme Development."

The update password feature is located at the bottom of the Edit Users page. Here you can change any user's password. Only administrators are allowed to change another user's password for security reasons. A strength indicator tells you exactly how strong your password is. The strength indicator has four levels: Very Weak, Weak, Medium, and Strong. It's highly recommended to always have a password that is indicated by Strong for the tightest security.

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