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If you need to maintain a certain site structure you should establish that back in the planning phase. If your existing site already has categories and tag information, likely that information will transfer as part of your migration. You will need to pay careful attention that all your information is exact, or the import will make multiple similar categories.

Otherwise, you may just want WordPress to establish new categories for your content during the import. You should review the template files in your theme, and the template file hierarchy discussed in Chapter 8. You may find that some of the structure that you had to manually maintain in the old site is automatically created in WordPress simply through the WordPress site architecture.

Remember to consider your permalink structure and how it relates to your new structured content. Likewise, consider the category base and tag base URLs settings that were covered in Chapter 2. Setting all of these properly on your new site can save you a fair amount of time.

Preserving the site structure or at least the URLs is important if you are moving an established site. Search engines have been indexing your previous site and you have probably made some efforts to search engine optimize the site, so having the search engines' indexed links remain will continue to drive traffic your site.

Even if the default WordPress URL for content is a different link than your original site, you will want to map the old URLs to the new ones. We cover this step in the ''Cleaning Up'' section of this chapter.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

SEO Search Engine Optimization For Beginners

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