Tags and Content Sharing Sites

Technorati.com was one of the first sites to utilizes these update services and create an aggregation of blogs. Technorati tags enable to put your content into categories at Technorati.com. Basically you insert a tag on your page that points back to Technorati, so that your content is aggregated by tag along with similar posts. Technorati tag functionality is waning in lieu of new notification processes. The Technorati site is not the important add-on to WordPress that it once was, but it is still an easy place to get your content listed with relatively little effort. You now have plenty of ways to advertise new content with the advent of social media sites like Digg, Reddit, and Twitter. For example, in Chapter 9 we covered how to add social networking buttons to your posts, serving as a simple way for you to to effectively crowd source the notification processes through these new aggregators. Having your readers recommend content, and pass it on to tag-oriented sites, improves the changes of your content being found through channels other than search engines.

In practice, we do not use the pinging functionality very much. Rather, we have a custom application that parses the RSS feeds of our various sites and tweets new posts as they are posted. In certain situations, this notification works better.

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