What Is A Lifestream

Simply put, a lifestream is the amassed collection of your activity from different locations and social networks into one place. Because each social network you participate in either has different audiences due to the nature of the participants or caters to a specific niche, it may make sense for the content of your participation to spread beyond the walls of the one location.

You have to make some choices. Is all content going to go everywhere? Do you have to keep work and social audiences separate? Is content going to be syndicated from every site to every site? This is most likely not possible, or desired, so will you have one place to aggregate your participative content? Obviously for the purposes of this book, your WordPress site is that one place.

The next step is to determine which sources you will aggregate into your blog. You could participate in so many different ones that this can be a tough decision. One thing to consider is who your audience is. Realize that once you put something on the public Internet, it is always out there and will probably be discovered.

Another consideration is which web sites actually have a mechanism or conduit to facilitate getting this content into your WordPress pages. Many offer web services to promote the spreading of information, but others (notably Facebook) are sealed off and will only take information in, although Facebook is opening up more and more with its Facebook Connect initiative. This covers the mechanism for assembling external sources; using a prebuilt API provided from the source web site that can push the content, code or a plugin on your WordPress site to pull the information or some other custom method.

What services and content do you want to include? For example, Delicious and Digg enable you to share references or interesting links with others. Flickr enables you to show your latest uploaded photos in your site, and YouTube has a service for doing the same for video. You can post what music you are currently listening to if you participate at Last.fm. Probably the most common is posting your current activity via Twitter. Business users can integrate with LinkedIn and other job posting sites. A business site can extend its functionality simply by combining various web resources into one site.

You will also have to decide how much of the content you are going to collect. Are you intending to completely syndicate the content and republish the whole piece, or are you planning to tease at one location and drive traffic to the other. Additionally, on what schedule? Do you want daily digests of information from various sources or near real time re-publishing?

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