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Up to this point, we've worked hard to convert WordPress from a traditional blogging platform into a more appropriate business platform. However, we can't deny that blogging is ultimately the strength of WordPress. Business blogging is rapidly becoming more popular. Although you can certainly create a functional e-commerce site with WordPress using nothing but static pages and the WP e-Commerce plugin, the addition of dynamic content on a blog helps give your shop a personal element. It provides the customer with a sense of the face and personality behind the store. If nothing else, it can serve as a medium for communication between you, as a store owner, and your visitors.

Adding a business blog only takes a few clicks. As we created a static front page earlier, we first need to create an empty page that will serve as the placeholder for the blog. In your WordPress Dashboard, add a new Page. Give it a title, such as Blog. You don't need to add any content to the page.

Just like when we created a static front page, navigate to Settings and click on Reading. Underneath Reading Settings, click on the drop-down list next to Posts page and choose the Blog page that you created. The Reading Settings options are shown in the following screenshot:

If| Reading Settings

Front page displays

Blog pages show at most

Syndication feeds show the most recent

For each article in a feed, show

OYour latest posts ® A static page (select below] Frontpage: welcome v Posts page:

- Select -About

Contact ^

post Products Page

© Full text O Summary


Transaction Results Your Account Welcome

What we have just done is select a default location for all of the new posts that we will create as part of our business blog. As our site uses a static front page, it will remain the same, but all new posts will show up on the Blog page.

See for yourself. If you write a new post, it now appears as part of our business blog. The following screenshot shows the Blog page:

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