Crowdsourcing with Poll Daddy

PollDaddy, one of the newest acquisitions of Automattic, is a hosted poll service that enables bloggers on any blog platform, not just WordPress, to create online surveys and polls and to crowdsource (a word describing the solicitation of community input around an idea or topic). Like IntenseDebate, it is a JavaScript-based widget (not in the sense of sidebar widgets that are built into WordPress, but as a separate module that can be used on a Web page).

PollDaddy is a "freemium" service. There is a limited free model that allows unlimited polls and unlimited surveys (though the surveys are limited to 100 responses each month). The Pro accounts, designed for heavy users, start at $200/year (as of this writing) and provide rich analytical reports of data, as shown in Figure 27.7.

PollDaddy allows any blogger on any platform with a PollDaddy account to create a poll and incorporate it in a post, sidebar, and other possibilities. For users, there is an Insert Poll icon on the write post screen above the title field, and alongside other icons for uploading images. For users, you can obtain the same thing via the PollDaddy Polls plugin for WordPress available at

The permission system for polls created in WordPress are the same as the inherent WordPress permissions. Though users must have their own PollDaddy account, polls created with that account in WordPress are editable by Administrators. Editors can edit other Editor's polls as well as Author polls. Authors can only edit their own polls. Any polls created directly in PollDaddy, and not WordPress, do not gain the same permissions.

The PollDaddy Polls plugin also adds a new Polls menu item in the WordPress Admin for creating polls from directly in WordPress (see Figure 27.8).

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