Figure 151

A new update notification

Technically, WordPress determines if there is an upgrade by comparing the available version at to the version installed. This is done through a request (hypertext transfer protocol, or HTTP) to and comparing version information in the database.

Similarly, plugins have a nag that comes in the form of a small red bubble that is superimposed on the Plugins navigation item (see Figure 15.2). The number in this bubble represents the number of plugins that are installed (active and inactive) that have upgrades available. This is based on information from the WordPress plugin repository, another valuable reason to include General Public

License (GPL)-compatible plugins in the repository. If the plugin is listed in a different repository or self hosted (via a blog, wiki, or other Web site), bloggers will not have the benefit of upgrade notifications.

Creating And Writing Your Blog

Creating And Writing Your Blog

The success of a blog lies in the content. It is the content and the key words that consistently attract potential customers. Great blog content literally means something different on every blog. Great blog content is researched and not impulsive. You cannot treat the blog as an experimental playground and expect it to work for you. It is designed to mean business and make you presence felt online and you have to ensure it performs the way you want it to.

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