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Undoubtedly, the WordPress community consists of a wide variety of people of varying skill levels. In fact, it is this diversity that makes the WordPress community one of the strongest and most vibrant communities on the Web. With mailing lists, support forums, thousands of blog posts with "how tos" using WordPress, and dozens of WordCamp events organized around the world every year, it's clear that WordPress, unlike many other open source projects, has a self-sustaining community.

Though I talk more about the different venues of support that are part of the community later in this book, the mailing lists and forums tend to have the most WordPress activity.


WordPress offers a number of different avenues of support for end users. Some are officially sanctioned and have the resources of the project behind them, while others serve as places where WordPress users gather "off the books."

Support forums

The official Web-based location for support in a snap is the WordPress support forums at http://wordpress.org/support/. The support forums are staffed by volunteers and provide a way for users to ask questions and receive answers. The forums also enable users to search for other incidents that may help them through a problem.

The WordPress Codex

The Codex, literally meaning "the ancient book of laws," is a wiki that any WordPress user can use to document and provide instruction on WordPress usage. It provides example usage of template tags, plugin compatibility guides, and other instructions on how to use the WordPress software.


A wiki is a collaborative piece of software that allows easy editing and managing of Web sites. The most widely known wiki is Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org). ■


The WordPress Codex is community-driven and a continuous work-in-progress, so sometimes the organization of the Codex confuses users. ■

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