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In today's super-connected world of the Internet, social media, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, it's not surprising that the tools that are used online directly impact business. How you communicate on blogs and social networks can make or break your ability to find a job, get new business, or drive more traffic to your site.

Brian Solis, co-author of Now is Gone and Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, states in a blog post published on July 6, 2009 at www.brian solis.com/2 00 9/07/pr-does-not-stand-for-press-release-equalizing-spikes-and-valleys/:

If you've studied the behavior and ensuing results associated with retweeting and linkbacks lately, you'd be surprised to learn just how few people actually click through to interact with the shared content, let alone using or referring the product or service contained in the link — no matter how influential you are. Of course, the more authority and trust you possess, the more retweets and shares you earn, but the follow-through never fails to dissipate without fuel and cultivation.

Brian is referring to the trend among marketers and publicists to focus on a broad push to win over constituents. He notes that, although this is the prevailing approach, building a community around ideas, companies, or startups is the only surefire way to create, and sustain, the drive needed to build the traffic and buzz.

In this chapter, I talk about some of the challenges facing bloggers when it comes to marketing their content. WordPress offers many possible solutions, including core features and plugins, to help bloggers successfully promote the content they produce.

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