Adding Categories

When you add a category in the Add/Edit Post screens, you only have the option of choosing a category parent. Here, you can also enter a description for the category and what's called the category slug.

The description is helpful when you have several people working on a site and you need to make clear what belongs in a particular category. Sometimes the description might be used by a theme or you could customize your theme to make use of it.

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Figure 20-1

The category slug is used by WordPress to create friendly or nice versions of URLs. Normally, a WordPress URL for a category would be something like = 4, but if you have friendly URLs turned on using the Permalinks settings (see Lesson 25), it might look like http://www The jamaica-packages part is the category slug.

By default, WordPress takes whatever name you enter for the category and creates a slug by making it all lowercase and replacing spaces with dashes. However, you can enter your own slug if you'd prefer. You can also change the slug any time using the edit function for categories.

If you've had your site public for even a short time, it's not good to mess with existing slugs. If someone has linked to your category with a friendly URL, and you change the slug, the URL link will be broken.

When you've finished entering information for your new category, remember to click Add Category down at the bottom of the screen.

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