Connecting to Your Social Media Accounts

If you have social media accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook, the content you're generating on those sites could be useful on your WordPress site. If you don't have any social media accounts related to the topic of your site, you should get some! Then you can have your latest entries on those social media sites displayed automatically on your WordPress site.

I'll show you how it's done with Twitter, but the process is very similar for most other sites.

You'll need some code from Twitter first, and most social media sites make it very easy to get that, as you can see in Figure 24-1.

Many sites make it easy, as Twitter does here, to customize how the feed will look on your site, how many items it will display, and so on. When you're through customizing, you'll click something like Finish & Grab Code or Generate Code, and you're presented with the code, as in Figure 24-2.

Figure 24-1
Figure 24-2

Sometimes there will be a button to automatically copy the code for you, but in many cases you'll need to do it yourself, as is the case in Figure 24-2. Place your cursor in the text box and press Ctrl+A to select it all, then Ctrl+C to copy it. Now you're ready to paste the code into a widget on your site.

In WordPress, go to Appearance C> Widgets and find the Text widget on the left-hand side. When you drag it over to the Sidebar 1 area on the right, it opens up and you can paste in your coding, as shown in Figure 24-3.

Figure 24-3

When you save the widget, you'll see on your site whatever style of feed you chose on your social media site.

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