Creating EMail Links

Under the Link URL heading you also have the option of creating a link that starts up the visitors' e-mail program and allows them to send you a message. Instead of a website address, you put this in the Link URL box: mailto:[email protected]. That will cause the link to open up the user's e-mail program and place the e-mail address in the To: box of the new message.

If you're concerned about spammers grabbing the e-mail address in the link, you have a couple of options: don't create a link, but just put in an e-mail address formatted something like this: youremailATyouDOTcom. It doesn't fool all spam robots, and isn't as convenient for your visitors, but it can help control spam harvesting and is simple to do.

A better option is to create a form through which people get in touch with you. A number of plugins for WordPress help you create forms, and I talk about those in Lesson 36.

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