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Most videos from sharing sites like YouTube will already be displayed in a good size for most purposes, but you can change the sizing in the boxes provided.

Be sure the Constrain Proportions box is checked before you enter a value (if you forget, just click Cancel and start again; trying to constrain proportions after you've changed one value is too frustrating). After giving width or height a value, click the Preview panel or press your Tab key and after a short time you should see a resized version of the video.

There is an Advanced tab in this window, but for most purposes it's not needed, particularly if you're embedding videos from a sharing site.

Finally, you can click the Insert button and you'll see a large orange box in your post just like you see when you insert an image gallery. This is a placeholder for the video and you can move it around to place it exactly where you'd like and you can also click and use the drag points to change the dimensions.

Remember to click Update Post and then you can preview the post, as in Figure 16-4, to see how the embedded video looks.

Figure 16-4

If the video is one that you've uploaded (assuming you had saved or converted your file to Flash), you'll notice that you have no video controls. That's because you're embedding a straight file, with no video player built in. This is yet another reason for uploading your videos to a video-sharing site first and then embedding it in your site. Or, as I mentioned before, you can use a WordPress plugin for videos, many of which provide the necessary player.

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