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Plenty of plugins are available for putting Google Maps in your posts and pages, but many, such as the popular XML Google Maps, require the use of XML or other files to control the look of the map, positioning of markers, and so on — easy if you're the programmer type, not so much for the rest of us. MapPress Easy Google Maps makes the creation of maps very simple, yet still offers powerful features. In fact, you can edit maps right in your posts, drag markers wherever you want, control the look of the markers and the popup windows with your HTML editor, add photos to the popups, and much more.

Most WordPress mapping plugins are for Google Maps, which means you'll need a Google Maps API Key to run any of them. Not a problem, it's easy to get the key, but as of the writing of this book, you can only use that key on a single domain and you only get one key. Not so bad if you're running a single site, but for everyone else, you'll need to choose wisely before using up your precious key.

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