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A post with text and a video from YouTube that you would like to embed.


Find the post you want and click Edit. Make sure you're in the Visual mode of the Text Editor. Position your cursor where you want the video to appear. Go to YouTube.com and find a video you'd like to embed.

When you're on the page for that video, look for a gray box near the top of the right column. You should see two fields, one marked URL and the other Embed.

6. Click anywhere in the URL field and it will highlight for you (if not, just press Ctl+A or Cmd+A to select it all).

7. Copy the highlighted code.

8. In WordPress, click the Embed Media button of the Text Editor.

9. In the window that pops up, locate File/URL and paste the URL into that field.

10. Click anywhere in the Preview area. You should see the Dimensions automatically fill in and the video should appear in the Preview area.

11. Click Insert. You should see a large orange box in your post where you had your cursor.

12. Click Preview Changes.

13. Update your post if everything looks the way you want it.

To see some of the examples from this lesson, choose Lesson 16 on the enclosed DVD.

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