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Embedding just means having HTML code that allows visitors to view a video without leaving the page, and WordPress handles all of that for you with the Embed Media button. Clicking it produces the popup window shown in Figure 16-2.

Figure 16-2

Let's go through all the options.


You can choose from different file types, but because we're dealing with video here, there really is only one choice most people will need to make and that's Flash. It's become the default standard on the Internet and, more importantly, it's what most video-sharing sites like YouTube use.


If you have your own video that you've saved as an SWF Flash file, you would first upload it to the WordPress media library and then get the URL and paste it here. Or if the video is from a sharing site like YouTube, you would copy the URL and paste it here.

Unless you have only one video file and you don't want many people to see it (why are you putting it on your website?), I would recommend getting an account on a videosharing site and uploading your video files there, then paste their URLs into WordPress.

For one thing, video-sharing sites do the automatic conversion to Flash of whatever kind of file you have. Then there's the question of server space and bandwidth — they have lots and you not so much. Finally, your video has a chance of being seen by even more people and you can link back to your own website for more exposure. Is there any other way to video?

One thing, though: make sure your video has clear identification on it — you want to share with it others, but you also want them to know where it came from and what your website address is!

When you've entered a URL, click anywhere in the Preview pane and after a brief loading, you should see the video displayed in the pane and the Dimensions boxes automatically filled in, as shown in Figure 16-3.

insert / edit embedded media

General | Advanced


Type Flash ~ I


Dimensions 425 x 350 Q constrain proportions


Type Flash ~ I


Dimensions 425 x 350 Q constrain proportions




If the URL is not from a video-sharing site, which usually makes it clear whether or not you have permission to embed a video, you need to get permission.

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