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Time for action Facebook Connect

Go to Settings Facebook Connect and click on the link to request a Facebook API key. 4. You will need to be a registered Facebook user. Log in to your Facebook account, give the application a title (the name of your web site will do), read and accept the terms of service, and request an API key. This plugin works with Facebook Connect. The current version (1.1) supports only logging in, but the developer hopes to add friends list and status update support in the near future. 7. On the Connect tab, be sure to enter the base URL of your blog in the Connect URL field otherwise, Facebook will not accept connections from the remote site. 8. Go back to your admin panel and paste the code Facebook gave you into the BB-FBConnect plugin setup page. 9. If the Connect With Facebook button does not appear, you may need to add the following code to your theme file in the location you want the login link to be 10. When the user clicks on the Connect With Facebook button, a Facebook login window...

Feeding Word Press into Facebook

Whereas Twitter is so open and easy to use, on the flip side is Facebook. Also immensely popular, Facebook is the new walled garden of online communities. Various roads exist into Facebook, but very few to get data out. This makes integrating your WordPress site with Facebook somewhat more of a challenge. There are no plugins to take your current Facebook status and post it on WordPress. (Although you can work around this by using Twitter to update both Facebook and your site.) Despite all the press about the Facebook platform, you are limited in what you can do, unless you are pushing data to your Facebook profile. In Facebook, you can feed your site's posts (or any RSS feed) into your notes stream. It is really easy, actually, because it is a built-in feature of Facebook and really has nothing to do with WordPress. Here is what you do 1. Log in to your Facebook account. 2. Click Setting in the top right (assuming Facebook has not changed the layout again). 7. Key in your RSS feed...


Facebook is an ever-evolving source of traffic. To many, it's nothing more than a network to keep friends and family involved in their lives. Others use it to share links from their blogs and provide additional places for friends to comment or voice their approval. Fan Pages on Facebook centralize and inform readers of new content. It also can serve as a nifty replacement for e-mail marketing services, such as FeedBurner. Facebook simply enables people to join a group or leave a group and, in doing so, replaces the e-mail delivery and opt-in requirements needed to avoid spam. WordPress provides many options for Facebook integration, all in the form of plugins. You can use some or all of them to extend the blog to one of the largest social networks. Facebook Photos for WordPress The Facebook Photos plugin is also known by a few other misleading names Facebook Plugin for WordPress and TanTan Facebook, after the name of the company that created it, TanTanNoodles. It gives the blogger the...

How This Book Is Structured

Chapter 9, Content Aggregation, looks at WordPress from a services point of view. If a blog represents your public persona or online presence, it has to pull content from a variety of tools and content sources. This chapter delves into web services interfaces, WordPress APIs, feeds into and out of WordPress, and making WordPress entries show up in Facebook pages.

Word Press SEO and Social Media Marketing

In today's super-connected world of the Internet, social media, blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, it's not surprising that the tools that are used online directly impact business. How you communicate on blogs and social networks can make or break your ability to find a job, get new business, or drive more traffic to your site.

Creating an app ID for your blog

Facebook Connect requires you to set up a Facebook application to communicate between Facebook and your blog. 1. Visit 3. Facebook will automatically generate an API Key and Secret each of these keys will be required to complete the setup of the WP-FacebookConnect plugin. 4. In the Settings Facebook Connect, provide your API Key and Secret. Once you have set up your plugin, your website will automatically include a Facebook badge in the upper-right-hand corner of your website. If a user is logged into Facebook, they will see their name and their avatar.

Adding the connect button to your comments

In most cases, a user will want to connect their Facebook account to leave a comment on your website. To have a 'connect to Facebook' button on your comments page, you will need to edit your themes in the comments.php file. Locate the comments.php in Appearance Themes Editor. Select the comments, php and insert the following code to add the Facebook Connect button at the end of the file

Creating Your Own Social Network with Buddy Press

In 2008, one such developer, Andy Peatling, used WordPress to create a social network for a client. The extensibility of the plugin architecture enabled him to create a concept that combined many of the features enjoyed on services like Facebook (www.facebook.com) into a single WordPress MU (Multi-User WordPress) install.

Project 2 Building a Community Portal

The Internet certainly has come a long way from the early days when static websites were the norm. Back then, users would visit a website, read its content, and then leave because there was nothing else for them to do. There was no way for them to interact with other users or feel like they were a part of something bigger. As the years progressed, social networking came onto the scene and changed the face of the Internet. Today, community portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace are among some of the most popular destinations online. With social networking having become such an integral part of so many people's lives, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of its phenomenal popularity and build a community portal of your own.

Introducing WP eCommerce

The free WP e-Commerce plugin offers many features to help your store become a success. For instance, when it comes to social networking, this plugin offers tools that make it possible for store owners to import products into the Facebook Marketplace. It also includes an integrated ShareThis feature that makes it easy for customers to share products with their friends.

Connecting to Your Social Media Accounts

If you have social media accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook, the content you're generating on those sites could be useful on your WordPress site. If you don't have any social media accounts related to the topic of your site, you should get some Then you can have your latest entries on those social media sites displayed automatically on your WordPress site.

Making your own social blog network

There are two very useful plugins that make it easy to add social features to WordPress MU. One is BuddyPress that adds Facebook-like features to WordPress MU. The other is bbPress that you can use to integrate forums with your blog. We will discuss bbPress in Chapter 8 and BuddyPress in Chapter 9.

To Extend Your Blog

When social networks like Facebook and Twitter emerged, the role of the blog changed again. For some, blogging took a back burner to the means of instant communication, such as microblogs and aggregation tools. For others, social networks gained importance, complementing blogging and blogs. WordPress, for its part, has many plugins that integrate some aspect of social media. A quick search of the plugin repository shows almost 300 varieties of Twitter plugins and almost 100 varieties of Facebook plugins.


Like Facebook, Twitter represents a critical network for content distribution. It may be the most widely used tool on the social web at this time, and it levels the playing field. At one time, bloggers had to rely on word of mouth, interlinking between blogs, and more organic forms of traffic growth Twitter gives everyone with a cell phone or computer the ability to compete in the same arena as the world's biggest celebrities, brands, and other bloggers. Of course, like Facebook, there are plenty of WordPress plugins to add Twitter integration and functionality to a blog. In fact, there are many thousand more Twitter integration options than there are Facebook plugins.

Figure 214

FriendFeed is now In a Relationship with Facebook Techn I I + n FriendFeed Share on Facebook Bookmark oi FriendFeed is now In a Relationship with Facebook It's Complicated but now FriendFeed and Facebook are In a Relationship In a move that surprised many in the tech world, Facebook and FriendFeed today announced that FriendFeed has been acquired by Facebook. This announcement came as a surprise to those who see FriendFeed as an annoying, yet open approach to the web whereas Facebook has a history of being a walled garden, often only opening up their data streams in limited or crippled fashions. FriendFeed is now a part of Facebook

Members Directory

What's a social network without a Members Directory BuddyPress's Members Directory allows other members to search and filter other members as well as request them to be friends . BuddyPress took the same approach which Facebook took regarding befriending other members, as both parties need to approve the connection. This is unlike Twitter's method where anyone can follow another user without their permission.

Unified Logins

That's why OpenID (www.openid.net) is interesting, and that's why the giants like Yahoo , Google and Microsoft are interested in this. For the same reason Facebook Connect (developers.facebook.com connect.php) exists, a unified login using your Facebook account. The Sign in with Twitter solution is something similar, but using Twitter of course, and the list goes on. You may wonder why you should even consider using your own sign-in procedure if you can lean on those giants. Most WordPress sites don't have their own sign-in procedures for anyone other than the actual writers and administrators, at least not for commenting. It is usually enough to leave a name and an e-mail address. However, if you want sign-ins, one of the unified solutions is worth considering. I would like to point to OpenID, but the truth is that Facebook Connect is way more user-friendly (right now) and besides Facebook is an OpenID member so it isn't such a big deal after all. Soon you'll be using your Google and...

Buddy Press features

BuddyPress is a social network in a single plugin. BuddyPress's features will instantly transform your standard WordPress site into a wonderful social network that, on a feature-to-feature comparison, will compete with other networks like Ning.com, Facebook, and even Twitter. The following items pinpoint some of the great features that your blog will now possess. Additionally, you can visit http buddypress.org demo to see all of the features live.


The Friends module is absolutely critical for a BuddyPress social network. Of course, it is not technically required however, a social network without friends is like a boat without water. Enabling the Friends module enables your users to connect with each other in a standard reciprocal friends relationship. It is more along the lines of Facebook friendships in which there is a mutual approval process and it is not one-sided, as is the case with Twitter following.

Activity Stream

In essence, the Activity Stream module is the equivalent of the Facebook Wall (see Figure 24.2). It aggregates all activities from friends, groups, blog posts, and so on into one place. Naturally, it only includes activity from modules that have been configured and are active.

Share This plugin

Here is another quick and easy setting that you can enable to potentially drive new traffic to your store. The Share This plugin is popular amongst writers of general WordPress blog posts. It enables readers to save a post they like to numerous popular social bookmarking networking sites like Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Facebook.

On Other Sites

You can enhance the content of your site in many ways by tapping into content available on other sites and displaying it on your own. Just as your WordPress site can generate RSS feeds of your material, you can tap into the feeds generated by other sites. Some of this content may even be generated by you, as in the case of your postings on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

What Is A Lifestream

Another consideration is which web sites actually have a mechanism or conduit to facilitate getting this content into your WordPress pages. Many offer web services to promote the spreading of information, but others (notably Facebook) are sealed off and will only take information in, although Facebook is opening up more and more with its Facebook Connect initiative. This covers the mechanism for assembling external sources using a prebuilt API provided from the source web site that can push the content, code or a plugin on your WordPress site to pull the information or some other custom method.

Before Importing

If you've installed a plugin that crossposts your content to another site (like Facebook or LiveJournal) or automatically notifies another site of your new posts (like Twitter), be sure to deactivate those plugins before you begin otherwise, you'll flood your social network with your imported posts.

Comment Wire

The Comment Wire is analogous to Facebook's Wall feature. It enables BuddyPress users to interact with other members, groups, and custom modules by commenting directly on activity items. If a user creates a new blog post, commenting can happen directly on the blog post or within BuddyPress itself in the Activity feed or wherever else the blog post (or link to the blog post) is displayed.

Press This

WordPress offers a neat bookmark called Press This. You can put it into your browser's bookmarks or favorites, which will let you quickly write a blog post about the website you're visiting. (This used to be called the bookmarklet.) You may have encountered this same feature as offered by Facebook, Del.ico.us, and other social networking sites.

Project suitability

WP-reCAPTCHA is used by some very well-known sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. Its spam-prevention capabilities are even being employed by a few U.S. government websites. If these sites are confident enough in the protection offered by WP-reCAPTCHA, then there really isn't any reason why you shouldn't entrust your site to it too.

Site Load Times

This can be a complex issue think about all the aspects that affect load times of your web site. There are the obvious ones that you should be familiar with, including the number and sizes of images, the number of JavaScript libraries being used, and to what effect. Consider also your integrations with third party sites, such as using a few too many Facebook badges with status and fan updates, or multiple hotlinked images from image hosting sites. What happens when these remote locations are slow to respond, or worse, do not respond at all Does your site's response time get held up because of something outside your control Think about the tree of performance dependencies that you create by Evaluate the number of external references made, whether hotlinking an image or including a Facebook badge with a status update.

Monetizing Your Site

Compounding these issues is the path users take to find your content advertising is carried on your hosted WordPress site, but not in content republished through Facebook or aggregated on other sites. If your site is read through an RSS feed, make sure you consider choosing an advertising manager that places ads in feeds as well as in the generated HTML for your blog.

Cache Management

WordPress Core Caching objects used by WordPress effectively builds a database results cache, the same approach taken by highly scalable, MySQL-based sites like Facebook. Changing some dynamic page generation to static HTML rendering speeds up page access at the expense of possible small windows of update inconsistency.


In the RSS Address section, you will find the product feed for your store. This feed can be used in conjunction with the GetShopped Facebook application to promote your products via that social networking site. You can learn more about GetShopped at http apps.facebook.com getshopped.

Sharing Content

Now that you have your blog loaded chock-full of juicy content, it's time to help your readers share it. Just one amazing post, the right reader, and the tools to re-tweet, post to Facebook, or share on StumbleUpon, can turn your blog into an overnight sensation. How to let Facebook users share your blog posts

Getting Noticed

This is a classic long tail'' content problem, and worth discussing a little more. Your web site is just one source of content in hundreds of millions out there. But the people you intersect and actively communicate with, and the closure of the set of those people's friends and families, builds an audience Your audience. Aggregating your content is about building this audience by showing up'' in multiple places with appropriate content, context and granularity of updates. Tweeting about recent blog posts, or importing blog post summaries into Facebook, for example, are easy ways to spread the word. Incorporating professional organizations that strengthen your own professional reputation furthers this goal.

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