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Suild powerful, interactive plugins for your hlng < h to share online

Beginner's Guide

Vladimir Prelovac

WordPress Plugin Development: Beginner's Guide

ISBN: 978-1-847193-59-9 Paperback: 296 pages

Build powerful, interactive plug-ins for your blog and to share online

1. Everything you need to create and distribute your own plug-ins following WordPress coding standards

2. Walk through the development of six complete, feature-rich, real-world plug-ins that are being used by thousands of WP users

3. Written by Vladimir Prelovac, WordPress expert and developer of WordPress plug-ins such as Smart YouTube and Plugin Central

WordPress 2.8 Theme Design

Tessa Blakeley Silver

WordPress 2.8 Theme Design

ISBN: 978-1-849510-08-0 Paperback: 292 pages

Create flexible, powerful, and professional themes for your WordPress blogs and web sites

1. Take control of the look and feel of your WordPress site by creating fully functional unique themes that cover the latest WordPress features

2. Add interactivity to your themes using Flash and AJAX techniques

3. Expert guidance with practical step-by-step instructions for custom theme design

4. Includes design tips, tricks, and troubleshooting ideas

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