Activating our plugin in Word Press

Our plugin is already in the WordPress wp-content/plugins directory. That means all we have to do is navigate over to our Manage Plugins page and activate it.

The plugin called jQuery Add Author Biography in the Plugin Name: space in the code's comment header appears in the plugins table as shown in the next screenshot:

Once the plugin is activated, we can navigate to the site to see it in action:

K3 public domain coastal image

F&a by Tessa Silver

Tessa designs and programs dean, nser friendly. accessible "Web 2.0" sites and applications driven by Databases, XML ajid JSON. Her designs are pure CSS and (X)HTML5 based. She specializes in mobile web development for Android and iPhone and she's also a PI IP, JavaScript and ActionScript expert

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It's working! The theme, which does not have the_author_meta tags in it, is now displaying the author's full name and bio description underneath it. The biography description is styled using the CSS rule in our plugin's class.

You've now edited a theme by hand and further extended the site by creating a WordPress plugin from scratch. Great job! But what's that you say? You were expecting to do a little more jQuery? You're right. Let's enhance this site a little further by creating a jQuery plugin.

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