Always start with a basic working plain HTML Word Press site

I've said this several hundred times by now (or so it seems) but the name of the game is enhancement. Don't write anything that will break if JavaScript is disabled or unavailable in some way. Most WordPress themes out there already work this way, displaying content and links that use simple http calls to link over to additional content pages or anchor names. If you're developing a theme from scratch that will be enhanced by jQuery, develop it as completely as possible so it works with basic http functionality before adding in your jQuery enhancements. This will ensure your content is seen no matter what browser or device it's accessed with.

There are more and more premium themes that come with built in jQuery and other JavaScript enhancements. You'll want to turn off JavaScript in your browser and see how that content is handled without access to the enhancement. If the site completely appears to "break" and not properly display the content without JavaScript, depending on what types of devices you're planning on deploying to, you might not want to use that theme!

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