Jumping the queue

Queues—those irritating lines that ensure everyone or everything in them is processed fairly and in the order they arrived. jQuery's animation queue works similarly, only processing each object's animation request, in the order it was assigned to the object. Sometimes special needs and requirements arrive that shouldn't be forced to waste time in the queue.

So far, we've seen how the .animate() function, in addition to CSS properties, can be passed various optional parameters specifying the duration, (slow, fast, or numerical milliseconds) and the type of easing (swing, linear, or plugin extended easing).

The que parameter is a true or false Boolean that can be set if you don't want the animate function to have to wait its turn. For the instances that you'd like an object to have several animations to run in parallel with each other, like sliding and fading at the same time, disabling the queue in your animate function will do the trick.

In order to set the queue option in your code, instead of using the previous syntax we've been working with, you will have to wrap all the other options into a more advanced syntax which clearly labels each optional parameter like so:



duration: 4000, easing: "swing", queue: false

The following screenshot shows the post is fading out while changing in height at the same time:

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You can see by the previous screenshot that the code we just wrote fades the first .post div in while it's sliding down. If you change false to true, and reload the page, you'll discover that the first .post div slides all the way down to 500 pixels high and then fades in.

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