Picking and choosing from the jQuerys UI site

The advantage of downloading from the jQuery's UI site is you can pick and choose only what you need for your project. If you go to the download page at http://www.jqueryui.com/download, you'll see on the right-hand side that you can pick version 1.7.3 or 1.8.4 and click on the Download button; this will give you everything.

For development purposes, you can just download the whole thing. The ZIP file is over 4 MB but that includes a development bundle directory chock full of examples and documentation; none of that would get loaded into your project.

With all options selected, the actual UI plugin's .js file you'll load into your WordPress project is about 200 KB, and you can count on adding about another 100 KB to the project for your CSS theme depending on what you choose from the site or how you rolled your own. If you know exactly what features you're using, you can shave off some kilobytes by only selecting what you want to use.

The download page is great because it won't let you deselect anything that is dependent on another feature you've selected, and that you'd like to use. This is a screenshot of an alert for selecting something you need:

vnload download by sel ;cting the version and specific modules you select a quick dc are also hostet select a quick dc are also hostet

Please unchetk Droppable first.

Please unchetk Droppable first.

Ok components

'it core

The core or J Qui rv UI, required for all interactions and widgets.

Widget i^l Mouse

The wi [iget fa h: tory, ba se for a II widgets

The mouse widget, a base class for all interactions and widgets with heavy mouse interaction.

3 Position

A utility plugin for positioning elements relative toother elements.

Make sure you download the correct UI plugin version for your version of jQuery!

If your project is using WordPress 2.9.2, the bundled version is of jQuery

1.3.2, so you'll want to make sure you download the UI plugin version

1.7.3. If you're using the Google CDN or your own jQuery download version 1.4+, you can download and work with the jQuery UI plugin version 1.8+.

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