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This title introduces you to the essentials and best practices of using jQuery with WordPress. It is not an introduction to programming with JavaScript and PHP, nor is it a primer on using CSS with HTML mark-up. I'm assuming that you're a WordPress site developer and/or a WordPress theme designer. Maybe you're just someone who spends enough time managing and tinkering with a WordPress site that you probably qualify as one of the above or both. Regardless of how you label yourself, you use WordPress. WordPress helps you, or your clients, get content out there quickly and simply, and you're always looking for ways to do more, faster, and easily.

jQuery is a library that speeds the time and reduces the complications of writing custom JavaScripts. I'm sure you must know that JavaScripts can be useful to a website in a number of ways. They can also enable it with really cool-looking features. While I'll be covering, in depth, as much on jQuery as possible, we won't be looking at jQuery as the "big deal", JavaScript library entity that most other books stress. Instead, we'll be considering jQuery a great tool that can help us get more done, more easily (and yes, "with less" code) using WordPress.

To recap: So, you're a WordPress user, developer, or designer? Great. Let's look at this "tool" called jQuery. It's going to make your WordPress development a lot easier and probably look a lot better. Ready to get started?

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