Two ways to plugin jQuery into a Word Press site

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You're aware that WordPress is an impressive publishing platform. Its core strength lies in its near perfect separation of content, display, and functionality. Likewise, jQuery is an impressive JavaScript library with a lot of effort spent on making it work across platforms, be very flexible and extensible, and yet, elegantly degradable (if a user doesn't have JavaScript enabled for some reason).

You're aware that WordPress themes control the look and feel of your site and that WordPress plugins can help your site do more, but we're going to take a look at exactly how those two components work within the WordPress system and how to use jQuery from either a theme or a WordPress plugin. In doing so, you'll be better able to take advantage of them when developing your jQuery enhancements.

Speaking of jQuery enhancements, jQuery scripts can be turned into their own type of plugins, not to be confused with WordPress plugins. This makes the work you do in jQuery easily portable to different projects and uses.

Between these three components, themes, WordPress plugins, and jQuery plugins, you'll find that just about anything you can dream of creating is at your fingertips. Even better, you'll realize that most of the work is already done. All three of these component types have extensive libraries of already developed third-party creations. Most are free! If they aren't free, you'll be prepared to determine if they're worth their price.

By understanding the basics of editing themes and creating your own WordPress and jQuery plugins, you'll be ready to traverse the world of third-party creations and find the best solutions for your projects. You'll also be able to determine if it's better or faster to work with another developer's themes, plugins, or jQuery plugins, versus creating your own from scratch.

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