Working with Word Press 30s custom menu option

However, we don't want the Register page to show up in our Page navigation and we need it to be in its own template page so that it will load more nicely into our modal box, without the theme's header and footer graphics and styling. We'll need to modify our template, but first, let's create a custom menu in WordPress 3.0 that will override the Page menu and then we can easily specify what pages should show up so the registration page won't appear in our site's navigation.

First up, you'll want to navigate to Appearance | Menus in the Administration panel. Once there, you can click on the + (plus) tab to create a new menu and then select options from the right to add to it. You can then, in the upper-right panel set the menu to be your "primary navigation", which will overwrite the standard Page navigation in the Twenty Ten default theme's header. The following screenshot illustrates the three main steps to set up a new main navigation and assign it as the site's primary navigation:

You can also include the Event category into the menu as shown in the following screenshot (we'll be needing access to this page later):

OK! We now have a "hidden" page holding our registration form. Let's get started with the theme customizations.

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