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One of the most overlooked tools for getting a really good quality job is the website LinkedIn. Now, it is true that most people have a LinkedIn page, but few people know how to use it well. Once you actually know how to take full advantage of everything that LinkedIn has to offer, you will be amazed at how much more you will be able to do with your career. You will be able to truly show employers what you have to offer. So, why not let Blue Sky help you with LinkedIn? The Blue Sky Guide To LinkedIn gives you all of the tools and tips that you never have thought of to make your page the best one in your business; people will be pounding down your door to get what you have to offer! Don't just leave LinkedIn up to change; really take the time and make it amazing with the Blue Sky Guide To LinkedIn! Read more...

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You can start using the tool that business professionals everywhere are using to make sure that their LinkedIn profile stands out from the crowd. LinkedInfluence teaches you all of the best business strategies for LinkedIn that WORK. LinkedInfluence teaches you how to turn your LinkedIn page into a goldmine of business, with people trying to connect with you day after day! This is not wishful thinking or dreaming; there are REAL tools that help you get the most of your LinkedIn page without all of the problems! You can drive a HUGE amount of traffic to your site, network with the highest-quality people in your industry, and start getting job offers for positions that you will want to take. Don't take the leftover jobs in your industry; use LinkedInfluence to make sure that you get a job that you actually want!

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Project 2 Building a Community Portal

The Internet certainly has come a long way from the early days when static websites were the norm. Back then, users would visit a website, read its content, and then leave because there was nothing else for them to do. There was no way for them to interact with other users or feel like they were a part of something bigger. As the years progressed, social networking came onto the scene and changed the face of the Internet. Today, community portals such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace are among some of the most popular destinations online. With social networking having become such an integral part of so many people's lives, you may be wondering how you can take advantage of its phenomenal popularity and build a community portal of your own.

What Is A Lifestream

What services and content do you want to include For example, Delicious and Digg enable you to share references or interesting links with others. Flickr enables you to show your latest uploaded photos in your site, and YouTube has a service for doing the same for video. You can post what music you are currently listening to if you participate at Probably the most common is posting your current activity via Twitter. Business users can integrate with LinkedIn and other job posting sites. A business site can extend its functionality simply by combining various web resources into one site.

LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

This is a great package all about LinkedIn marketing. Within this package you will get and audio collection, cheat sheets reports, guides and video training tutorials.

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