8Click the Submit button to save your changes

The Dashboard page refreshes with your new changes. Click the title of the box to collapse it.

If you change your mind, click the Cancel link shown to the right of the WordPress Development Blog title. Clicking Cancel discards any changes you made and keeps the original settings intact.

The title of the WordPress Development Blog module changes to the title you chose in Step 3. Figure 7-5 shows that I changed the title to Lisa's Blog.

Figure 7-5:

WordPress Development Blog module changes based on the options you set.

Lisa's Bloq

Speaking at Think Tank Live! in Milwaukee January 27, 2010 I am happy to announce that I am speaking at the Think Tank Live Search Marketing and Social Media Summit scheduled for February Z3, Z010 in Milwaukee, Wl. I will be presenting on the topic at building a niche community web site utilizing the free and dynamic software combination of WordPress and BuddvPress and litiw busincii, diid individuals, cdii leverage the [...]

My name is Lisa and I love Brett Tavre. There. I said it. January 24, 2010

Going in to this weekend, I found myself planning my schedule nf thinrji in rin arniinil th« gams nn Sunday flftprnnnn At SMOpm between the Minnesota Vikings and Mew Orleans Sainti, Hijvi did I yet tu tliis ulaue where I ivos scheduling fivsrything arnmri a fnnthall gam*»-' ifi hfifin a Inng jnurney ai citizen of the great state of Wisconsin, and with that comes a certa [...]

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