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I have to issue a disclaimer for this listing: I've owned and operated this site since 1998. I include it in this chapter not so much to self-promote (although that is a bonus!) but as a way to illustrate some great things that you can do with just one installation of the WordPress software. I often refer people to my site when I explain how WordPress not only powers a great blog, but also is the foundation of a fully functional business Web site.

E.Webscapes has several sections:

✓ The front page: This page contains an introductory message to visitors, some examples of my work, links, case studies, and news.

✓ The Design Blog: I update this blog regularly with information about the design projects that my designers and I have completed for our clients.

✓ FAQ/Services/Resources: These are examples of several different pages I have created within the E.Webscapes Web site — each use a slightly different custom page template to display the information in the way I wanted to arrange it.

✓ Our Work: This section is the design portfolio that spotlights all the projects that my designers and I have done in the past.

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