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Developer: Alex King

Social media networking is insanely popular on the Web right now. One of the more popular services is Twitter ( Almost everyone who has a blog also has a Twitter account (you can even follow me on Twitter at

One of the nicer things that came about shortly after Twitter hit the scene was Alex King's plugin for WordPress called Twitter Tools. This plugin lets you tweet an announcement every time you publish a new post on your blog. The announcement appears on your Twitter stream and is read by all of your Twitter followers. People can then click the link and read your article. It's just one more nice way to use social media to promote your blog and content! There's more to this plugin, however; it also has some pretty nifty tools that enable you to

✓ Publish a post on your blog with your Twitter updates from the day.

✓ Publish a tweet directly from your blog, so you don't have to use another browser window or application.

✓ Tag your blog posts with Twitter hash tags — which are like keywords for Twitter that help other people search for and find your content within the Twitter universe.

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Hashtag Traffic Secrets

Hashtag Traffic Secrets

While hashtags are a relatively new buzz word over the last decade its a word that a vast majority of us use daily in our own lives. So what exactly are hashtags? Lets take a look at the official definition of a hashtag. Definition: noun a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign , used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic. Lets be honest hashtags have become a part of modern culture, their place hasn't been restricted to appearing just on our social media accounts, hashtagged phrases have been used on everything from t-shirts to mugs and cushions.

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