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Whether you're producing your own videos for publication or want to embed other people's videos that you find interesting, placing a video file in a blog post has never been easier with WordPress.

Check out a good example of a video blog at http://193 Loren Feldman and his team produce video for the Web and for mobile devices.

Several video galleries on the Web today allow you to add videos to blog posts; Google's YouTube service ( is a good example of a third party video service that allows you to share videos from their service. To add video from the Web, click the Add Video icon, then click the From URL tab and follow these steps:

1. Type the URL (Internet address) of the video in the Video URL text box.

Type the full URL, including the http and www portion of the address. Video providers, such as YouTube, usually list the direct link for the video file on their sites; you can copy and paste it into the Video URL text box.

2. (Optional) Type the title of the video in the Title text box.

Giving a title to the video allows you to provide a bit of a description of the video. It's a good idea to provide a title if you can, so that your readers know what the video is about.

3. Click the Insert into Post button.

A link to the video is inserted into your post. WordPress doesn't embed the actual video in the post; it inserts only a link to the video. Your blog visitors click the link to load another page where the video can be played.

The previous steps give you the ability to insert a hyperlink that your readers can click and view the video on another web site (like WordPress also has a nifty feature called Auto-Embed that automatically embeds videos within your posts and pages by simply typing the URL for the video into the body of your post, or page.

WordPress will automatically detect that a URL you typed in your post is a video from YouTube (for example) and it will automatically wrap the correct HTML embed code around that URL to make sure the video player displays in your post (in a standards, XHTML compliant way).

You do need to enable the Auto-Embed feature on the Media Settings page:

1. Click the Media link under the Settings menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

The Media Settings page loads in the Dashboard.

2. Place a checkmark in the box labeled Attempt to automatically embed all plain text URLs.

The Auto-Embed feature is now enabled.

3. Set the dimensions you want the (video) to display in the Maximum embed size box.

Enter your preferred size (width and height) that you want the videos to appear in your posts and pages.

4. Be sure to click the Save Changes button!

You're ready to automatically embed links into your WordPress posts.

Currently, WordPress will automatically embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion,, Flickr, Hulu,Viddler, Qik, Revision3, Scibd, PhotoBucket, PollDaddy, Google Videom, and VideoPress-type videos from

To upload and post to your blog a video from your computer, click the Add Video icon on the Edit Post or Add New Post page. Then follow these steps:

1. Click the Choose Files to Upload button.

An Open dialog box opens.

2. Select the video file you want to upload, and click Open (or doubleclick the file).

You return to the file uploader window in WordPress, which shows a progress bar while your video uploads. When the upload is complete, a box containing several options drops down.

3. Type a title for the file in the Title text box.

4. Type a caption for the file in the Caption text box.

5. Type a description of the file in the Description text box.

6. Click the File URL button.

It provides a direct link in your post to the video file itself.

7. Click Insert into Post.

WordPress doesn't embed a video player in the post; it inserts only a link to the video.

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