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Mobile Apps2cash: Creating Apps With No Programming Experience

Mobile Apps2Cash is specifically designed to help Anyone transform their ideas into cold hard cash using a Simple, Easy-TO-Follow system that helps you manage every aspect of the process from start to finish. If you can come up with the original idea and just describe how your app would work. Heres Just a Taste of What Youll Learn in this Powerful ebook: How to Project Your Own App Idea. A-to-Z App Monetization Blueprint. How to Research and Uncover Hot New Apps to Develop. Step-by-Step Instructions for Submitting Your App and Getting Approved to App Store. How to Develop Your Initial Idea into a Project Brief and Working Wireframe. How to Quickly and Cheaply Conduct Market Research to Ensure Your App is a Success Before You Ever Create It. Where to leverage your task to a team to achieve your goal.

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Appszero Build Mobile Apps With Zero Coding

AppsZero was designed to help ordinary people create apps with zero coding experience and zero technical skills. You can make apps for Ios (Itunes) Google Play, & Amazon Kindle App Stores. Using AppsZero is easy,You don't need to be an Xcode expert or a software developer to create your own iphone, ipad & android apps. Users can create many different apps with AppsZero, These include information style apps, magazine apps, mobile ordering apps, Public Event Apps, membership apps, restaurant apps and many more. AppsZero lets you build apps, without knowing anything about coding. I mean it zero coding, and you can build helpful, functional apps that would otherwise require an experienced coder to spend weeks creating!

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Squeezemobi's Mobi App Domination

The Best And Most Flexible Mobile App Builder From Squeezemobi With Done-for-you Templates For Different Cpa Niches. An Easy To Use App Builder Platform That Allows You To Create Cpa-ready Mobile Apps And Integrate Three Income Streams. Learn the secrets of Mobile App Cpa marketing with comprehensive step-by-step training on making money with 3 powerful strategies. Access to the MobiAppDomination Drag & Drop Mobile App platform and the full suite of technical tutorials making it dead simple to publish apps right away. A user-friendly and intuitive system allows you to create apps without ever having to code!

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Automatic plugin installation

Out of the box, WordPress comes with its own plugin app store, which allows you to search through a huge library of free plugins. To access WordPress's built-in plugin browser, click Add New under the Plugins menu. Once inside the plugin app store, you have the option to either search by keyword or name, browse by popular tags, or see the newest plugins added.

Word Press app for iPhone

The WordPress application for the iPhone (called WordPress 2 in the iTunes App Store) was one of the first apps launched in the iTunes app store when the iPhone was originally opened to third-party applications. It provides a slick interface (see Figure 26.4) that uses most of the WordPress XML-RPC (Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call) API, including comment management directly from your iPhone or iPod touch. It can be downloaded for free via the iTunes app store in iTunes or directly on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Selling plugins

50,000 unique visitors a month are browsing and buying from, who, at the time of writing, has almost no competition. The market place, a la App Store, for WordPress is a gargantuan untapped market. Developers can easily charge anywhere from 5 to 300 when selling a plugin on WPPlugins.

Defining a PlugIn

WordPress is not alone when it comes to allowing plug-ins to coexist with its own software. The famous iPhone App Store is nothing but a plug-in repository for the iPhone (and iPod Touch) software. When you install the Mozilla Firefox web browser, you are soon invited to install a batch of recommended extensions to the browser that enhance your experience or give you added functionality.

Analyzing Referrers

To help get referrers and search engine hits, give your posts a title that's clever and relevant. One of the authors (Smith) managed this for his recent blog posting about the Google Voice app for the App Store Apple to FCC Drop Dead. That's a short, punchy, clever title with the two most important keywords, Apple and FCC, right at the beginning.

Making Games For the iPad

Making Games For the iPad

Making an iPad game doesn't have to be something that only developers do. You too can create a game that will help to entertain the user and it will help to make you money. With Making Games for the iPad, you don't have to be a computer genius, but you will certainly feel like one.

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