Before Importing

Importing can be tricky, and it doesn't always go well the first time. Therefore, it's important to install the DB Backup and Mass Page Remover plugins in case you need to start over. (Despite the name, Mass Page Remover works just as well on posts.) If you aren't using one of the built-in importers, you'll probably need to do a little bit of cleanup work afterward, so you'll need to install the Search & Replace plugin as well.

If you're importing content into a WordPress site that already contains content, back up your database and put the site into maintenance mode before you begin importing, just as you would if you were upgrading (see Chapter 2).

If you've installed a plugin that crossposts your content to another site (like Facebook or LiveJournal) or automatically notifies another site of your new posts (like Twitter), be sure to deactivate those plugins before you begin; otherwise, you'll flood your social network with your imported posts.

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