Comment Moderation

The next three sections determine which comments are held for moderation. This means that they will not appear on your site as soon as the comment author submits them; instead, they'll go into a queue in the administration area, and you'll have to approve them before they're published.

You can require that all comments be held for moderation. This is not the default behavior, and for a typical blog, it would slow the pace of the discussion while inundating you with notification e-mails. A less restrictive choice would be to require that comment authors have at least one previously approved comment. This setting lets your trusted repeat readers comment without your intervention, so you need only worry about the first-time commenters.

You can moderate comments based on their content as well as their author. Since spam comments typically contain long lists of links, by default WordPress will hold a comment for moderation if it contains more than two links. You can adjust the number here if you find that your legitimate comments often contain more links than you have allowed.

In addition to the number of links, you can specify a list of words, names, e-mails, and IP addresses that will be held for moderation. This lets you throttle known spammers, but it's also useful for keeping your discussions on track. If you know that certain topics tend to spark flame wars, list the relevant keywords here, and comment authors will quickly find that they can't discuss those subjects without your explicit approval.

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