Creating a Menu

To get started with your custom menu, go to Appearance ^ Menus. Your first menu will be created for you when you load this page.

Use the checkboxes on the right side of the page to add new items to your menu. You can add almost any kind of content as a menu item. By default, the menu management page shows pages, categories, and custom links to URLs you specify. However, in this page's screen options (Figure 6-3), you can turn on the boxes that will let you add posts, tags, custom content types, and custom taxonomies. (You'll learn how to create custom content types and taxonomies in Chapter 12.) You can add multiple items quickly by checking them all at once and pressing the Add to Menu button.

Be sure to press the blue Save Changes button before leaving this screen! Otherwise your menu changes will be lost.

Figure 6-3. Adding a page to a navigation menu
Figure6-4. Menu item attributes

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