Creating Roles

Sometimes, rather than adding capabilities to an existing role, you need to create a whole new role. The code to do so is relatively easy. Again, place the lines in Listing 10-7 in your theme's functions.php file.

Listing 10-7. Creating a new role

<?php add_role('privatereader', 'Private Reader', array( 'read' => 1, 'level_0' => 1, 'read_private_pages' => 1, 'read_private_posts' => 1,

The add_role() function requires three arguments: the role's name (for internal use), the display name, and an array of the role's capabilities. (See for a complete list of the capabilities in WordPress.) Here, you've given the role the same two capabilities a subscriber starts out with, 'read' and 'level_0.' (The level_n capabilities exist for backward compatibility; very early versions of WordPress used a 1-10 scale instead of named roles.) Then, you've added the two roles relating to private content.

The functions that check for the presence of a capability in the role array will test for Boolean values. You could use true or false, but most WordPress developers prefer to use 1 or 0.

That's all it takes! Now, if you add a new user or edit an existing one, your role dropdown should include the Private Reader option, as shown in Figure 10-15.

If you want to modify your new role, use the same code as before, but change the get_role() function's argument to your role's internal name, as shown in Listing 10-8.

Listing 10-8. Modifying the new role

// remove ability to read private pages $PrivateRole = get_role('privatereader');

$PrivateRole -> remove_cap('read_private_pages'); ?>

In this example, it makes sense to create a new role only if you want to keep the subscriber role as-is; otherwise; it's simpler to just modify the subscriber role. When would it make sense to create a new role?

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