Default Article Settings

You've probably noticed by now that posts and pages in WordPress are usually labeled as such, so the word "article" here is a tip that these settings apply to both posts and pages. These three options will be the default settings for any new posts or pages you write, but all of them can be changed on individual posts or pages if you need to deviate from the norm.

If Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the article is checked, WordPress will scan your post or page for links to other blogs. If it finds any, it will ping them in addition to the Update Services you selected in the Writing settings. The next option is the inverse: it allows you to decide whether to allow other bloggers to ping your articles when they link to them.

The third option determines whether comments are open by default on new posts and pages. Changing this option will not affect the comment status of any posts and pages you've already published; you'll have to change those from the Post or Page Edit screens.

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