There are scripts for importing Drupal sites, but they are somewhat dated. They were written for previous versions of WordPress and will not work correctly on modern installations. If you already have your WordPress site set up, but you need to import from Drupal, I recommend that you install a second WordPress site using the older version required by the importer. You can download old versions of WordPress from the Release Archive at wordpress.org/download/release-archive/. Once you've completed the Drupal import, you can then use the WordPress export format to get the data into your current site. If you do not already have your WordPress site set up, you can begin with one of the older versions, import from Drupal, then use the automatic upgrade process to reach the current version.

All that might sound daunting, and indeed, importing a Drupal site into WordPress is tricky if you've set up a lot of custom content types, views, or content blocks. However, if you just need to get the basic content (pages, stories, comments, and taxonomy) into WordPress, these import guides will help you get the job done.

To import a Drupal 6 site into WordPress 2.7, use the SQL queries described at the Social Media Buzz website, socialcmsbuzz.com/convert-import-a-drupal-6-based-website-to-wordpress-v27-20052009/. You'll need to use PHPMyAdmin or a similar MySQL administration interface, unless you're comfortable running queries from the command line. Figure 5-13 shows how to run the necessary queries through PHPMyAdmin.

To import a Drupal 5 site into WordPress 2.3, use the script provided by D'Arcy Norman at http://www.darcynorman.net/?p=1632.

gj localhost » pi wordpress g Structure 5gjSQL Search ¿gi Query ^Export ^a Import ^Operations ¿^Privileges [g|Drop

-Run SQL query/queries on database wordpress: (?)-

INSERT INTO wordpreBB. wp_terms (ter:n id, same' , Blog, terji group) SELECT

FROM wordpreBB. ter:n. data d INNER JOIN wordpreBB.term hierarchy h tJ8ISG( tidj

Figure 5-13. Running SQL queries through PHPMyAdmin

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